Craft + Community on June 26

How to Level Up your writing with
critique Partners

Finding a critique partner is at the top of my list of things I wish every writer would do BEFORE reaching out to an agent, editor, or book coach for help with their story.

Getting those fresh eyes on your early drafts can help you fill the gap between your vision for the story and what you’ve actually got on the page. And the friendship/support a critique partner can provide is invaluable on what can be a long and lonely journey toward publication.

But how do you find critique partners? And what do you do once you do find one? It can be tough, especially with words as tender and personal as our stories. Now you don’t have to go it alone—I can help answer all your critique partner questions in this free webinar on June 26 from 3-4:30 pm Pacific.

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    And then I'll help you find other like-minded writers through my free Critique Partner matching service, CP Meet Cute. Its speed-dating inspired format helps you meet like-minded writers and quickly identify if you’re a match!

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