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CORRECTION: [Wyrd Words Weekly] Give the gift of feedback to the writer in your life...

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Hello Reader,

With book bans and anti-trans/anti-LGBTQ+ legislation gaining traction across the country right now, it's more important than ever to get diverse books into the hands of those who need them. That's why I'm proud to once again contribute to the We Need Diverse Books winter auction. The auction has now been extended through Tuesday night, so there's still time to participate!

There are tons of bookish and writerly gifts for the readers and the writers in your life, so please check it out and consider bidding--it's such a great cause. And of course, you're likely to be able to get a great deal on my most popular package: my 50 page Manuscript Audit.

Each year, I share a little musical interlude from my women's choir to spread some much-needed holiday cheer. One of my favorite songs in our repertoire this season is Ocho Kandelikas, a Ladino song that celebrates the eight candles of Hanukkah. I was hoping the recording of our performance was going to be available in time for Hanukkah, but it's not ready yet, so I have a fun version from PBS News Hour for your listening pleasure (hopefully it shows up this time!):

video preview

Wishing a peaceful Hanukkah to all who celebrate!



PS - The next Craft Magic webinar is TODAY: Synopsis as a Planning Tool at 4pm Pacific (It will be recorded for those who cannot attend live). Let me help you demystify this oft-maligned document with my easy step-by-step process for creating a synopsis. It really is one of the most powerful planning and revision tools in your writing toolbox.

Julie Artz | author, editor, book coach, dragon

Julie Artz helps writers who dream of a life spent telling stories that matter slay their doubt demons so they can send their work out into the world with confidence. An active member of the writing community, she has volunteered for SCBWI, TeenPit, and Pitch Wars and is a member of EFA, the Authors Guild, and AWP. A social and environmental justice minded story geek, Julie lives in an enchanted forest outside of Seattle, Washington, with her husband, two strong-willed teenagers, and a couple of naughty furry familiars. Check out her weekly newsletter, Wyrd Words Weekly, and subscribe today.

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