[Write Your Novel With Confidence] Looking for a dose of inspiration in the new year?

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Hello Reader,

So many of us dream of a life spent telling stories, but at the same time have trouble getting started. If that sounds familiar, you're definitely not alone, but what exactly is it that’s holding you back?

Is it that you’re unsure whether or not your idea is good enough? Do you worry about keeping all the strands together or painting yourself into a corner?

Perhaps you get overwhelmed at knowing where to put the beats (or even struggle to remember what beats *are*?) or keeping your characters, plotlines and settings clear in your head?

Maybe you struggle with confidence and think you’re simply not good enough to be a writer (Don't listen to those doubt demons. You are good enough!).

Or do you just never seem to have enough time to sit down and write?

Well I've got just the cure for all those doubts and frustrations! Be A Bestseller 4.0: Write Your Novel With Confidence is a free live masterclass series that runs from 16-27 January 2023.

My friend and fellow book coach, Emma Dhesi, has brought together 20+ writers, creatives, editors and publishers for this free series. I was thrilled to speak with her about writing social and environmental justice fiction as part of this event.

Over the next few days, I'll be sharing some tidbits about other speakers you might be interested in, including:

  • Belinda K Griffin, a book marketing coach who will be sharing tips on how to avoid the book marketing money pit;
  • Janice Hardy, an award-winning author who will be discussing the importance of point of view.

Not only will this series of interviews give you strategies to get started, it’ll remind you to believe in your own voice, your own stories and, most importantly, yourself.

It’ll remind you to trust your instincts and develop your self-confidence. And it’ll remind you the path to writing and finishing your book can be as simple as starting small and building up.

You can access it all by clicking here.

I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see you there!



PS - Just a reminder that you can access it course free for the duration of the event (January 16-27) here: https://masterclass.beabestseller.net/Julie

Julie Artz | author, editor, book coach, dragon

Julie Artz spent her young life sneaking into wardrobes searching for Narnia. When people started to think that was creepy, she went in search of other ways to go on mystical adventures. Now she finds those long-sought doors to magical story worlds in her work as an author, editor, and book coach. An active member of the writing community, she has volunteered for SCBWI, TeenPit, and Pitch Wars and is a member of EFA, the Authors Guild, and AWP. A social and environmental justice minded story geek, Julie lives in an enchanted forest outside of Redmond, Washington, with her husband, two strong-willed teenagers, and a trio of naughty furry familiars. Check out her weekly newsletter, Wyrd Words Weekly, and subscribe today.

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