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[Write Your Novel With Confidence] The world is waiting for your stories

published3 months ago
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Hello Reader,

Do you dream of writing a book? Not just any book—your book. Your collection of stories, your novel, your memoir.

For too many people, writing a book stays in the dream realm. They never get started on it. Or they start, but so often, never finish.

But it doesn’t have to be like that for you.

My friend and fellow book coach, Emma Dhesi, has brought together over twenty writers, creatives, publishers, and editors, to help you demystify the process of structuring your story for success.

Be A Bestseller 4.0: Write Your Novel With Confidence does just that. You’ll learn how to get started, keep the middle from dragging and, most importantly, finish your story.

The world is waiting for you to finish so, whether you’re starting out, halfway through or even revising, this summit has something for you.

If you want better engagement with your readers or to find a community of other writers, you’ll find a way forward.

I saved two of my most anticipated talks from Be A Bestseller 4.0: Write Your Novel With Confidence for last. Check it out:

  • Beth Barany, a creativity coach who will be sharing her world-building tips for novelists;
  • Rhonda Douglas, an award-winning author who will be discussing how to meet your writing goals with short writing sessions.

Beth and Rhonda are both excellent, so make sure you tune in to their sessions. And if you enjoyed my holiday reading list last month, you'll want to tune into mine as well because I've got a special social and environmental justice reading list that's going out to Be A Bestseller 4.0: Write Your Novel With Confidence registrants before it becomes available to the general public. It's full of new releases as well as classics across age groups and genres. You're going to want to check it out.

Reserve your seat now:

Hope to see you there!