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[Wyrd Words Weekly] - Deep revision

Published about 2 months ago • 2 min read

Hello Reader,

I'd like to give a special welcome to folks just joining us from ProWritingAid's Romance Writers' Week. I'm so glad you're here (and just in time to celebrate!).

There's nothing better in the life of a book coach than witnessing a hard-fought client win, which is one of the reasons it's been a pretty fabulous week around here. My friend, client, and fellow book coach Suzette Mullen celebrated the release of her heart-wrenching, vulnerable, empowering memoir, The Only Way Through is Out, on Tuesday.

I'm not the only one crowing about this memoir, though. Lambda Literary Review named it one of the most anticipated titles of February 2024 and Foreword Reviews called it "Candid, inspirational. . . . An emotive memoir that issues a stirring call to women to choose self-actualization."

So you might be surprised to hear that Suzette almost gave up on this story. When her first round of submissions didn't get the response she'd hoped for, she circled back to me for help with her query. What we found was not a query issue, but a story-level issue that would require another deep revision to fix. And after multiple years and multiple rounds of revisions, Suzette wasn't sure she had it in her. I get it. I've been there. And if you're there too, I can help!

Often the thing that separates successful writers from the hopefuls is just being brave enough to dig in one more time. I'm so glad she stuck with it and now readers will be too. You can learn more about our journey together in this interview or this chat Suzette and I recorded the week before her book came out.

video preview

Congratulations, Suzette. Your hard work and perseverance paid off. I'm so excited to see readers fall in love with this story just like I did!

Get The Only Way Through is Out from your local independent bookstore or from

Up Next: Story Scaffolding

If you've been struggling with the story of your heart and maybe even thinking you might have to give up and shelve your story, maybe you, too, just need to dig in one more time. Learn more about the types of tools I used with Suzette as we revised her memoir in March when I teach Story Scaffolding for IWWG. This four workshop series teaches you how to plan and execute a deep revision aimed at strengthening your story's scaffolding.

This hands-on four course series is $179 ($159 if you are an IWWG member). Register today!

What I'm Reading!

I've read many iterations of this story since Suzette and I started working together years ago. And even though I was alway moved by Suzette's powerful story, it's incredible to see it in this final, polished form. If you've ever wondered if your life is good enough while ignoring the secret longing of your heart, you'll love this empowering story that reminds us it is never too late. Told in a combination of heart-wrenching scenes and lovely, moving vignettes, this story is a rallying cry for those looking to make a big change later in life.

Get it today and let me know what you think.

Happy reading, friends!



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