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[Wyrd Words Weekly] Do you have an Inspiration Station?

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Hello Reader,

Last weekend, I hosted a write-in/sketch-in for creatives at my local public library. I rarely get to write on the weekends, so I was thrilled to have three whole hours earmarked for writing last Saturday, and a whole room full of other creatives by my side for accountability.

If you're used to writing by yourself at home, but are struggling to find the motivation, I encourage you to try a write-in to shake things up. Whether online or in person, there's a certain energy to writing in a group that feels an awful lot like magic to me. I was able to knock-out 3,200 words during that three hour write-in Saturday, which is a whole week's worth of words for me.

Even if you write late at night or early in the morning, there are online write-ins offered at just about every timezone out there. I've been trying to log in at least three times a week to the 8am Pacific call hosted by London Writers' Salon's The Writers' Hour, but there are also many options at Meetup, including Shut Up & Write, and many in-person events as well. Author Sarah Nicolas hosts Writing Wednesdays on their YouTube channel as well.

One of my favorite parts of the write-in/sketch in was an Inspiration Station I put together at the event. I set up a table in the corner that had some chocolate (of course!), fun art supplies, a few art and poetry books that I have kicking around at home, a few different sets of creativity cards from Tarot to Character Arcehtype Cards to my favorite ridiculous game, Bards Dispense Profanity. And at the center of it all, I put a box with a hand-sized hole in the top. Brave creatives could reach in and pull out an item at random to see if it spurred any great ideas. The box was full of everything from LEGO mini-figures to spice jars to balls, yarn, and other knicknacks. This is something I do anytime I do a writing workshop with kids, but to be honest, the adults were just as enthusiastic about it.

Even if you aren't able to commit to virtual or in-person write-ins, you can absolutely create your own Inspiration Station at home. I have a shelf next to my desk that is full of these types of objects. A crystal given to me by a traveling Shakespearean actor on an absolutely magical night when I was in college. A Mahogany nut my grandfather crafted into flower before he died. A couple of salt cellars my mom and I used to collect from flea markets when I was a kid. The postcard I sent home announcing that I'd met "The One" just a day after meeting the man I went on to marry. And of course, a selection of all those books that lift me up, that inspire me. Books like Big Magic. Wonderbook. When Women Were Dragons. Bird by Bird. Untamed.

The items in your own Inspiration Station will not be like anyone else's and that's OK. The key is to find the things, the write-ins, the people, who will inspire you when the writing journey gets tough. And keep them nearby when you need them.

Happy writing, friends!



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Julie Artz | author, editor, book coach, dragon

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