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There’s a reason I advise my book coaching clients to write their query before they draft their full manuscript, and it’s not so that they’re ready to query agents or editors as soon as the first draft is done (please, please, don’t do that!). It’s because if you can write a good query letter, you likely have a good handle on the big picture of your story as well.

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    Julie, I am blown away by what I have been able to absorb of your feedback. Thank you for being so patient and generous with me and all of my questions. Author Accelerator has never steered me wrong! I can already see where I need to sharpen the “point.” Thank you for being open to clarifications, questions and a dialogue. I already feel safe in your literary hands.”.”

    Henriette Ivanans

    Best-selling author of
    In Pillness and In Health

    What you get:

    A powerful tool that helps you ensure:

    * Your book is the right length for genre/age category

    * You’ve got a strong voice that will engage readers

    * You’ve hooked your reader with a story goal and high stakes

    What is it all about?

    This free tool contains five steps to help you draft your query and use it to identify potential issues with the big-picture story. Based on years of experience with clients, this document will show why it's important to write your query early in your drafting process and what you can learn from each element of the query from the length/genre details to the pitch to the bio line.